Roasted Potato Fries

I love potatoes in pretty much every form I’ve come across: sweet, fried, baked, twice baked, mashed, scallopped, roasted, salad, chips . . . .  

Here is a very easy recipe for roasted potatoes adapted from a recipe shared with me by my friend, c is for cindy.  I make them in wedge form, but you can cube them or leave them halved, if you like.  I prefer using Yukon potatoes – they’re so creamy – but you can also use red potatoes.  Any potato with low starch (e.g. waxy potatoes) are a good choice because they’ll keep their shape.  

Serves 8.

Fullscreen capture 5172010 21310 AM.bmp 


  1. ha, i dont even remember this recipe! :) did i ever share the roasted potato salad recipe i made one year for fourth of july with you? it is probably my favorite potato salad recipe of all time and it includes dijon, always a favorite. :)

  2. Really? You cut them into small chunks and added lots of yummy spices. In any case, you introduced me to my first batch of homemade roasted potatoes, so I credit you for the inspiration! :)

  3. oh share dijon dressed potato salad recipes with us all please!!
    These potatoes look delicious. Nice camera work darling!

  4. @yvonne you're right... i remember that now.

    @eliza i will find the recipe and share it with you!