Do Re "Me"

Adventures of a Student in the Kitchen....

I am about: real/whole foods.  Not spending hours slaving away in the kitchen.  Feeding those I love.  Enjoying what I eat. 

This project is a fun way for me to share my love of food, and show that good food doesn't have to be fancy or take ten hours to makeMost of the recipes here are my own, the product of much research, error, tweaking and tasting; anything not mine is credited.

I've lived in eight cities since birth and my food tastes are global. I have no professional culinary training.  I'm just an adventurous student in the kitchen who loves to eat!  Sometimes I'll eat a dessert so delicious I want to stick my face into it, and I am not above licking a plate clean.  When it comes to food, I'll try just about anything once.  You never know what you might have been missing all your life. And did you know your taste buds change every few years?  For that reason, every so often, I try foods I don't think I like just to see if my palate has changed. 

I am inspired by folks such as Nina Planck and Michael Pollan.  I love cooking with and eating real foods/whole foods.  For me, the point of food (in addition to nourishment) is pleasure.  Food should be about eating what tastes and feels good.  Food should be about bringing loved ones together.  I don't ever feel guilty about what I eat, I don't diet, and I don't believe in counting calories.  The best kind of food is food you make yourself – you can’t get much better than home grown and home made.  That being said, I'm not a food snob.  I don't judge the way others eat, and I don't get holier than thou about food (remember - no guilt!).  That means, if I pass a Dunkin' Donuts and I want a long john, I eat one!

Good food should be tasty; the less processed the better, preferably made from scratch, and not too hard to put together. I'm a practical person in a modern world, but I don't think we should have to sacrifice too much to eat well.

Let's dig in!

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