Really Easy Guacamole (with a Side of Manners)


My goodness, guacamole is delicious.  If you ever want to bring something to a party* that is homemade and easy to make, I suggest guacamole and chips.  It's a crowd favorite, and once you realize how simple it is to throw together, you'll never go back to factory-made guac.  This recipe strips guacamole down to the essential ingredients for yumminess.   

Make guacamole right before you serve it.  Avocado turns brown when it oxidizes (i.e. "combines with air").  I've heard that adding the avocado pit to the guacamole prevents browning, but I tried it and it didn't work for me.  I guess that means you'll have to eat it all as soon as possible.  (You won't hear me complaining.)

Picking a good avocado is key to optimum flavor.  (Click here for how to choose and prepare avocado.)  Below is my super easy guacamole recipe.  Just think of this ratio when you’re shopping for the ingredients, 1:1:1, avocado: tomato: garlic.  This recipe is easily multiplied to serve more people.

Serves 2-3.

Fullscreen capture 9272010 44309 AM.bmp


* …and a Side of Manners.  A note about going to other people's homes when a meal is served. 

I know money is tight for some of us, but, age, job, or economic status are no excuse for and has no bearing on having poor manners.  My mom always told me, "All the money in the world can't buy you class.  You can be poor with class, and rich with no class at all." 

If you're ever invited to someone's home where food or a meal will be served, ask your host if you can bring anything.  If you are told "no" then you're off the hook.  The Chinese say you should offer three times before settling for no.  I understand we're not in China or Taiwan, so I don't expect anyone to do this.  However, I can’t shake the custom so I often ask three times, just to be sure.  For instance:  (1)  Can I bring anything?  (2)  Are you sure?  (3)  It's really no trouble.  Still "No?"  Okay, then I accept it.  

As a general rule, you should not arrive at someone’s home bringing only empty hands and an empty stomach. Bringing something is a token of appreciation to your host.  Your host has set aside time to plan, prepare, shop, buy, and cook in order to please you.  If you forget to bring something, then at least be helpful and considerate by offering to help.  Some hosts will refuse, and some hosts will be thankful for some assistance, but ALL hosts will appreciate the gesture. 

When my best friends from high school and I get together, we all chip in so that no one person is carrying the load.  It also makes prepping, cooking, etc. fun – the party starts early, not just when one person is done cooking.  Every person and circle of friends operates in different ways though, and that is perfectly fine.  Times and customs also change.  However, it is never out of style to have good manners, and be kind and thoughtful.


  1. I think my mom uses... lemon juice(?) to prevent browning, but this guacamole looks positively delicious. Just the tasty treat I would love to have right now. Man I love guacamole!

  2. i just made two batches of guac this weekend using my recipe, which is ever so similar to yours. nom nom nom.

    we have the best food parties. i love it when all hands are on deck in the kitchen. and it's fun to hang out before dinner :) xoxo

  3. This looks delicious!! Ever since I saw this, I've been having a major guacamole craving!