Cocoa Peanut Butter Cookies (Gluten Free)


If you haven’t noticed yet… I am in love with peanut butter.  Do I eat peanut butter out of the jar with a spoon?  You bet I do!  And what could be more perfect than the pairing of peanut butter and chocolate?  Heaven!  Since I have a lot of unsweetened cocoa on hand (I love a mug of hot cocoa during the wintertime), I decided to mess around and find out how it’d pair with my peanut butter cookie recipe.  Why hadn’t I thought of this earlier?! 

As it turns out, the combination is wonderful.  I made two batches – a “mini” cookie and a “small/regular” cookie.  The recipe is very forgiving, so you can easily halve, double, or whatever to your heart’s content.  As to type of peanut butter, I prefer Trader Joe's peanut butter, but any peanut butter that is minimally processed (i.e. ingredients are just peanuts, or peanuts and salt) is okay.

Cookie Tip!  Have a glass of cold water handy when pressing tine stripes into the cookies.  If the dough starts to stick to your fork, dip the fork into the water.  

Fullscreen capture 1242011 75425 PM.bmp


  1. I just made a batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and now I want to go back to the kitchen to make these!! Are you sure you want to be a lawyer?? I think you could write cookbooks instead ;)

  2. smoosh some MORE peanut butter between two of these babies... bet they'd be awfully delicious!