Turkey Sausages


Who likes meat with their breakfast, show of hands?  (Me: bouncing up and down in my seat, hand raised high.)  And who orders sausage with breakfast, regretting it afterward?  (Me: sad face; hand raised.) 

It’s time to put a stop to post-sausage regret, folks.

Sausages, while delicious, are often heavily processed.  Usually after eating them, I pay for it with a stomach ache.  I recognize that I don’t have the stomach for most processed foods (case in point: every time I eat at McDonald’s, I get sick), but that doesn’t change the fact that sausage, generally, just isn’t that great for you.  For years now, I very happily eat bacon instead (sigh!).  But sometimes, I wistfully think about sausages and the rift between us.

People often think that cooking and eating real food is more time consuming and costly than eating processed food.  But, that isn’t always the case: it is often cheaper to make your own food than buy what a factory has put together for you.  If you make an effort to cook more often, I think you will discover the following:

1) You will have more money in your wallet.
2) You will be eating better.
3) You will feel better because (a) you’re eating better and (b) you have more money in your wallet.

For brunch this past Sunday, I decided to make my own sausage patties.  I served them with milk, coffee, buttermilk pancakes, and strawberries and apples dipped in dark chocolate.  The sausages were DELICIOUS.  I loved that I didn’t get a funny taste in my mouth, and my stomach felt great!  Friends commented that they were “delicious,” clean tasting, “not greasy,” and “savory.”  The cherry on top?  The sausages, altogether, came out to about $2.80, so each sausage cost $0.20.  That’s a deal that’s hard to beat.  I hope you try making your own sausages!

When forming these sausages, I took two tablespoons of meat and free-form mooshed them between my palms.  If you want them to be flat instead of domed, make an indent with two of your fingers in the middle of the sausage.  To drain them, I put the patties in a sieve placed over the sink. 

This recipe makes 14 sausages.

sausage recipe

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  1. Yum!! I have gluten free breadcrumbs in my pantry just waiting for this!