I love coffee. I used to drink it with cream. Lately, I've been going without it. The flavors of a good, delicious coffee don't need to be tampered with, in my opinion. I'm a purist when it comes to tea and a part of me is becoming a coffee purist as well.

The only way I make coffee at home is with a coffee press. The coffee press is a wonderfully efficient and smart invention. I confess that I used to be intimidated by it. Now, I'm a convert!

Extolling the Virtues of the Coffee Press:
1. A good, basic coffee press is not expensive. It's a one-time purchase (unless you break yours) so it's good for your wallet.
2. One cup of coffee takes six minutes to make. It's fast!
3. A press takes up very little space on your counter top and can be easily tucked away in a cabinet.
4. Coffee from a coffee press tastes better because you're forced to clean it after every use.

Don't be disheartened by number four because it's key. Coffee has oils in it. When you don't clean out your coffee maker, be it a percolator or a press, those oils build up and become rancid. If your coffee ever tastes sour, you can safely bet that the culprit is a build up of rancid coffee oil. It won't kill you, but it is not tasty!

For non-rancid, non-rotten coffee, clean out that coffee maker! I think it's a lot easier to do (and to remember) when you're using a press. I've read various cleaning solutions for percolators and have seen pre-made cleaners in stores... why not bypass all of that and simply buy a press? A press needs water and soap. Done and done.

This is how I make coffee in the morning. You need:

1 coffee press
1 cup of water (8 oz.)
1 tbsp. of ground coffee

1. I microwave the water for two minutes (for every cup, add another two minutes).
2. Pour the coffee grounds into the press and add hot water.
3. Wait for four minutes.
4. Slowly press. You want to go slowly so that the grounds aren't stirred up. This way, they are gently pressed to the bottom of the press.

If you want to add cream, don't let me stop you. Once in awhile, I like to make hot chocolate and mix it with my coffee for a sweet treat.

Oh, another plus - I've read that coffee presses are green (but have yet to find an explanation as to why). In some ways, I'm a luddite. I still don't own fancy kitchen gadgets (a mixer??) because a part of me thinks...
- People used to bake and cook without this, why can't I?
- I don't want to spend the money on a machine when I can use my hands.
- Mixing, kneading, etc. is a good arm work-out. :)
- I live the rest of my life at a speedy rate; this is one thing that I do that allows me to chill out.

I hope this persuades you to buy a coffee press. It's very easy to use, good for your wallet, takes up little space, and I think the coffee tastes better. The press is a wonderful little invention. I think that everyone who brews coffee at home should look into it!

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{ brew, my pretty.... }

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{ muahaha... I am going to drink you, coffee! }


  1. even if you do break your coffee press, it's pretty easy and inexpensive to replace any of the part(s) that may have been broken! but generally i think they are quite durable little gadgets.

  2. Instead of a coffee press I use a Chemex with my delicious Intelligentsia coffee.

  3. you are so cute with your seattle cup! i like your attention to detail with this coffee making recipe. it's exactly how i do it at home. love you girl.