A Love Letter to Seattle

{ local produce at a farmers' market }

Born in Taiwan, I've lived in eight cities since birth, including both U.S. coasts and the Midwest. Seattle, by far, is my favorite city. Hands down. Not only is there city-wide recycling, there is city-wide composting. It's so cool. My mom used to compost in her garden, and I'm a huge supporter of finishing nature's cycle, rather than taking from the earth and returning garbage.

Seattle is ideally nestled between the Puget Sound and Lake Washington. There are trees everywhere. From downtown Seattle, you can see water and mountains. You are within a two hour drive from all sorts of outdoor activities - hiking, kayaking, skiiing, you name it. Restaurants boast delicious food and fresh seafood. There is a very diverse demographic of cultures and people. Many Seattle streets have dedicated bike lanes. Farmers' markets boasting lush, local produce and local wares dot the city. Drivers actually wave to say thank you when you allow them to go first or merge into your lane. Public, low-income housing communities have access to free tutoring for their children! I could gush on and on.

Can you tell that I'm in love?

I spent the most recent winter holidays in Seattle, and I took a few photographs while I was there. If you ever visit Seattle, check out my personal guide to the city. I'll post it sometime this summer. If you read this before I post my guide, feel free to leave a comment requesting it, and I'll email it to you.

{ lake washington at sunset }

{ pioneer square }

{ a coffee lover's siren song }

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