Teriyaki Chicken

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My mom has a delicious and ridiculously easy teriyaki recipe that never fails to satisfy.  She is the resident cook in the family and she kept a family of five happily fed with food made from scratch, while also juggling a job. A superwoman, that one. One of her tricks was to create recipes that involved little actual work. Here is an example of one of them.  As a testament to her skills and palate, I don’t like teriyaki, but I’ll eat hers in a heartbeat.  Most teriyaki sauces are cloying and overly sweet.  You can barely tell that it’s chicken you’re eating.  No thank you.

When you get to the “bring to a simmer” part of the recipe, make sure that the sauce is bubbling over and covering the chicken within a minute or two.  (See the picture, bottom row, right side.)  This ensures that the chicken is marinating in the sauce the entire time.  Don’t worry about the chicken being overdone or dry.  Once the chicken is finished cooking, the meat is so tender it practically falls off the bone.  :)

Fullscreen capture 6262010 55912 PM.bmp


  1. We made this for dinner tonight! delicious :) xoxoxo

  2. what's "white alcohol?" like vodka? or white wine?