Yogurt, Granola and Honey

This is one of my favorite snacks... it's filling, tasty, fast to throw together, and it's good for you. I start out with three delicious ingredients:

1/2 cup of yogurt
honey (to taste)
granola (to taste)


Steps 1 and 2: Pour in the yogurt and swirl in honey.

Photobucket Photobucket

Step 3: Top with a layer of granola, and done. How easy is that?

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My favorite granola, Bear Naked, is a bit pricey in the granola family, but I think it's important to eat healthy even though I'm strapped for cash. Your health is a valuable investment, and if you skimp on the good stuff, your body will pay for it, as will your wallet (think: poor health = medical bills = sad person and sad bank account).

Have you ever noticed that the food that's not so great for your body is often the cheapest food? I try to outsmart that by limiting my grocery items to what is on sale. When my favorite items go on sale, I buy double. The things I make exceptions for are meat, seafood, bread, eggs, and dairy items.

Buying on sale is good for a few reasons. One, it keeps your food costs down. Two, it pushes you to try new things. Three, it varies the types of food (and nutrients) you put into your body. Variety is good for your body (and your wallet).

I also try to stick with whole yogurt. Dairy fat is good for you, and it's DELICIOUS!


  1. bear naked is also my all time favorite granola you can buy in the stores. same goes with stonyfield farm whole milk yogurt, any flavor. yum, yum! berries or other fruit would also make a great addition methinks.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with fruit as an addition. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

  3. i must agree. Full-fat yogurt with yummy honey (have kiel get some from his dad). And granola. I also like to top it off with berries.

  4. i used to eat this exact recipe every day! minus the honey...but the granola already had honey in it.....maybe i'll start up again. funny thing, the granola was just the stop-and-shop (grocery store) brand...but it was delicious! i like using whole milk yogurt too...with the cream top...heaaaaaven!!