Spiced Ice Cream Cocoa

IMG_1663Really good hot cocoa warms the soul and never fails to put a smile on my lips.
After a brisk autumn walk under fiery trees, I wanted nothing more than a mug of hot cocoa to warm my tummy.  Though I have unsweetened cocoa powder, I was inspired to punch it up a little.  I share with you: Spiced Ice Cream Cocoa.  It may be the best hot cocoa I've ever had. 
The combination of ice cream and milk makes this cocoa super easy to make, rich, and tasty.  I recommend Breyer’s chocolate ice cream (my favorite, but any type you like will do), and WHOLE milk, yummy!

If you balked at the mention of whole milk, please, allow me to allay your fears.  One, whole milk is great for your bodyTwo, whole milk doesn't have as much milk fat as you might imagine.  According to the Joy of Cooking, whole milk is only 3.25% milkfat (with 8.25% protein).  Compare that to 2% milk (which has 2% milkfat and less flavor) and skim milk, which has 0.5% or less milkfat and tastes like cloudy water, and the decision is easy.  

Who knew a percentage or two could make such a different in flavor?  I drink whole milk daily with cereal and with meals, when I can get it.  I love milk!  (Yes, I'm five.)

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  1. Holy YUM! This looks delicious! And so creative - I would have never thought of using ice cream!